Working as part of the Baylo team since day one from 4 years ago, Batukan Kocaaydın is now the new owner. Also known as Mr. Baylo among close friends and acquiantances, Batukan promises exciting new projects as he is both familiar with the venue since its foundation and also posseses the dynamism needed to take Baylo even further than it is today.

World cuisine with a

Turkish Touch

Baylo's menu was designed to reflect its multi-cultural, multi-lingual district Pera. This cosmopolitan menu was cultivated based on 6 different cuisines around the world. The well-known dishes of these cuisines were interpreted and prepared according to the very rich Turkish food culture. A french classic, the Hollandaise sauce on asparagus is served on a layer of "tarator", our steak tartare special is prepared with Turkish-cut "satır" steak, spices from Anatolia and a Mediterranian favorite sun-dried tomatoes. You will find Baylo's menu that infuses classics with Turkish blends to be absolutely delicious.

Baylo's Exceptional

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